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Shift in Payouts of Corporate Profits Has Major Revenue and Tax-Reform Consequences

Here is a NBER discussion of some my recent work on tax policy and the economy In 1980, about 80 percent of business income went to traditional corporations, but research presented at the NBER’s annual Tax Policy and the Economy Conference … Continue reading

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Jason Furman on Business Tax Reform

See here for new slides on business tax reform from Jason Furman. The text of his speech is here.

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The economic effects of territorial taxation, with remarks by Jason Furman

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Op-ed: Do Not Abolish the Corporate Tax

Here’s my op-ed in Wonkblog with Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato on cutting corporate taxes: “In recent decades, American workers have suffered one body blow after another.” Sowrites economist Laurence Kotlikoff, who has just the policy prescription to help those ailing workers: abolishing the corporate … Continue reading

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Competing for Global Capital or Local Voters? The Politics of Business Location Incentives

From Nathan Jensen, Edmund Malesky, Matthew Walsh: The competition for global capital has led to wars between countries, states, and cities, as to who can offer the most attractive fiscal incentives to firms. In this study, we examine the domestic politics of … Continue reading

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Pass the Bucks: Investment Incentives as Political Credit-Claiming Devices: Evidence from a Survey Experiment

From Nathan Jensen, Edmund Malesky, Mariana Medina, Ugur Ozdemir:  Both countries and subnational governments commonly engage in competition for mobile capital, offering generous incentives to attract investment. Existing research has suggested that these tax incentives have a limited ability to affect investment patterns and … Continue reading

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Who benefits from state corporate tax cuts?

Here is a new VOXEU summary of my job market paper for their job market paper series: State and local governments have been increasing business location incentives and cutting corporate taxes to attract businesses to their jurisdictions. For instance, Jay Inslee, the … Continue reading

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The Future of Capital Income Taxation

From Alan Auerbach: The case against capital income taxation is stronger now than when Pechman wrote [in 1900], given the difficulty of collecting capital income taxes in a world of financial innovation and capital mobility. […] The rising importance of financial … Continue reading

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Boeing’s Confidential Site Location Wish List

From the Seattle Times: Boeing says factories for its planned 777X will require total investment of up to $10 billion, but states competing for the work are asked to shrink that tab by providing the site and facilities at “no … Continue reading

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Declining Reliance on State Corporate Tax Revenues

Source: US Census of Governments. The share of federal revenue from corporate taxation has also been declining. See here for a graph and discussion.

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