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Financial firms make large share of pass-through income

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Pass-through income and the top 1%

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Quantitative Spatial Economics

From Redding and Rossi-Hansberg: The observed uneven distribution of economic activity across space is influenced by variation in exogenous geographical characteristics and endogenous interactions between agents in goods and factor markets. Until recently, the theoretical literature on economic geography had … Continue reading

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Tax Avoidance and Complex Business Structures

From the NYTIMES: Mossack Fonseca employees were named as the companies’ officers, avoiding whenever possible any link to the Ponsoldt family. The firm even asked a Hong Kong branch of Barclays, the international bank, to override its rules for proof … Continue reading

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Firms and Labor Market Inequality: Evidence and Some Theory

From David Card, Ana Rute Cardoso, Joerg Heining, and Patrick Kline: We review the literature on firm-level drivers of labor market inequality. There is strong evidence from a variety of fields that standard measures of productivity – like output per worker … Continue reading

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Senator Sanders’s Proposed Policies and Economic Growth by Christina Romer and David Romer

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Romer and Romer, Evaluation of Friedman

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Interesting Figures from the CEA

This gallery contains 20 photos.

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