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Is Romney’s plan mathematically possible? Feldstein vs Tax Policy Center

Marty Feldstein has a 8/28 WSJ oped on the Romney tax plan in which he argues the Tax Policy Center‘s numbers are off and that Romney’s plan is mathematically possible. From a quick look, here are 3 reasons why they come to different conclusions: … Continue reading

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Corporate Tax Reform: Is broadening the base and lowering the rate always a good idea?

In a Bruegel post today, Jeremie Cohen-Setton and I weigh in on simulations of the Romney tax plan, new thinking on capital income taxation, and corporate tax reform. Base-broadening corporate tax reform Both candidates have roughly similar corporate tax plans … Continue reading

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Why are health and education costs exploding? Clues from Long Run Relative Prices

This isn’t the prettiest chart I’ve ever made, but it’s quite important. It shows that health  (shades of blue) and education (green) prices have increased nearly 7X more than durable goods prices (reddish colors) since early 1980s. This massive increase … Continue reading

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Stunning “Market Share” Growth of US Health Care Spending since 1962

Source: OMB Historical Tables 16.1. HT to David Wessell who shows this graph in Red Ink, which is a nice quick read

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Downsizing Government Employment Exacerbates the Downturn: Unemployment rate would be 7.1% without Gov’t Downsizing

The Hamilton project has a put out a nice analysis showing how harmful government layoffs have been on the employment situation. If you extrapolate the government employee to population ratio under President Bush, you’d have 1.7 million more government workers … Continue reading

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Romney’s economic plan is “mathematically impossible”

Ezra has a great article on one of the most important and substantive issues of the 2012 campaign

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