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Understanding Hysteresis

I presented these slides on Blanchard and Summers 1986 yesterday at the Berkeley Macro lunch. If you are interested in Hysteresis, this is one of the seminal papers in the literature. Overview  Periods of persistently high unemployment are not uncommon events in … Continue reading

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Historical Hysteresis: Adverse Shocks vs Structural Problems

I started posting last week on the Summers & Blanchard paper, which is on hysteresis and the Unemployment problem in Europe starting in the mid 1970s. Many advocated structural explanations for hysteresis, but Summers & Blanchard looked to the Great Depression period … Continue reading

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Hysteresis & the Unemployment Problem

Summers and Blanchard have a paper on Hysteresis in Europe in the 1980s in which they discuss three main potential causes of hysteresis, which is a very high dependence of current employment on past unemployment. The three causes are (1) physical … Continue reading

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