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How Gary Becker saw the scourge of discrimination

From Kevin Murphy: In the 1950s, few economists thought of phenomena such as racial discrimination as under their purview. That changed in 1957, when Gary S. Becker, Professor of Economics and of Sociology at the University of Chicago and at … Continue reading

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Who Benefits from Technological Change?

Given recent concern about technological change and how it is wrecking the middle class, I thought I’d share a simple illustration of what classical economic models* imply about the relationship between productivity growth and the returns to workers and capital owners. … Continue reading

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Surprisingly Strong Productivity Growth in Unexpected Places

I’ve been spending this week at the UChicago Price Theory camp, which I’d definitely recommend to other graduate students, and wanted to share the following graph from Kevin Murphy. He pointed out that we have seen amazing productivity growth in many … Continue reading

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Interesting Links: Social Security Liabilities & Economics of the Drug War

Here are some links today of articles that I didn’t entirely agree with but which bring up some interesting points. 1. Social Security is (slightly) worse off than we think. They make some interesting points about problems with how social … Continue reading

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