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Impact of the Fed’s Unconventional Monetary Policies

Important evidence on an important topic from my friend Gabe Chodorow-Reich: Unconventional monetary policy affects financial institutions through their expo- sure to real project risk, the value of their legacy assets, their temptation to reach for yield, and their choice … Continue reading

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The Cyclicality of the Opportunity Cost of Employment

From Gabe Chodorow-Reich and Loukas Karabarbounis:  The flow opportunity cost of moving from unemployment to employment consists of foregone public benefits and foregone utility from non-working time relative to consumption. Using detailed microdata, administrative data, and the structure of the search and … Continue reading

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Labs of Democracy & Today’s Fiscal Policy Debates

Here’s my latest Economix column on the labs of democracy & today’s fiscal policy debates on uncertainty, spending, and spending vs taxes: Many of the fiercest disagreements about fiscal policy today stem from disagreements about the causes of the slow … Continue reading

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The Employment Effects of Credit Market Disruptions: Firm-level Evidence from the 2008-09 Financial Crisis

Gabe Chodorow-Reich, who is also a coauthor on one of the more compelling studies showing that the stimulus was effective at creating jobs, has a job market paper on the link between conditions on wall street and employment on main street. When … Continue reading

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