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College Costs & Enrollment for Low-Income Students

According to data compiled by Avery & Hoxby, effective college costs are much lower for low income families at the most selective schools compared to other schools. Despite this fact, many low income students aren’t applying to the most selective … Continue reading

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Gender & Math Test Score Gaps

Glenn Ellison and Ashley Swanson provide evidence that suggests that math score gender gaps are highly related to environmental factors. High scoring men are very geographically disperse, yet high-scoring women are highly concentrated at certain schools. Here’s how they put it … Continue reading

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Are We Sending the Best and Brightest to College?

Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers have an interesting column today in Bloomberg View: The real crisis in American higher education is that our best colleges never see a large chunk of our smartest students. In an important recent study, the economists Caroline … Continue reading

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