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Railroaded & The Effectiveness of Historical Government Infrastructure Investments

A historian recently recommended this book to me – it takes a pretty critical view of subsidies for infrastructure historically and sounds like a good book.

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What I’m Reading

Michael Lind’s Land of Promise, which David Leonhardt reviewed here.  

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What books do top CEOs, policymakers, academics, etc recommend reading this year?

Barry Eichengreen sends us to Bloomberg’s interesting compilation of 2012 book recommendations from CEO, policy makers, investors, economists, academics and authors. The most popular picks were Robert A. Caro’s “The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson,” “Volcker: The Triumph … Continue reading

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Books I’m looking forward to reading: The Cost Disease

As I explained in a previous post, the effects of heterogenous productivity growth across sectors has huge impacts on the economy and on the cost of providing government services. Here’s Larry Summers on this issue: Third, increases in the price … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson on Promoting High-Skilled Immigration

I’ve been reading Michael Lind‘s book, Land of Promise,  and found this Jefferson quote on page 39: Jefferson opposed Hamilton’s policy of promoting skilled immigration, because of his prejudice against urban mechanics and factory workers. He wrote that such ‘ephemeral … Continue reading

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Books that I’m looking forward to reading

Amazon.com: The New Geography of Jobs (9780547750118): Enrico Moretti: Books.

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