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The Future of Inequality according to Larry Summers

At a recent talk at Berkeley, Larry Summers asked us to engage in the following thought experiment. Suppose that a new technology called “the Doer” will be created tomorrow. Doers can do anything flawlessly. They can build a house, give … Continue reading

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Time to Invest

People, companies, and governments should invest when it’s cheap to do so. Most commentators have been focusing on the need to invest in U.S. infrastructure. While more infrastructure investment is certainly worthwhile, these two stories reminded me that our human … Continue reading

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When the techies come to town…

The NY Times recently put out an alarmist article about the inflow of tech workers from Twitter and other startups moving into the city. While some of the concerns it raised about maintaining a vibrant and diverse neighborhood are completely … Continue reading

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The Richest Zip Codes in America

Here’s a list of the richest zip codes in America (ranked by total income and average income) using the most recent tax data.

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Mortgage Standards

While I’m a big fan of Laurie Goodman and closely followed her reports, it’s not obvious that she is right about the potentially “devastating” cost of mortgage standards. While regulation is often burdensome, redundant, and evadable, it’s hard to believe that … Continue reading

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Oil from Iraq offsetting Iranian cuts

Here’s the article.

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